Ce sauna infrarouge portable est le peloton des outils de récupération : voici pourquoi un physiothérapeute recommande d'investir dans un

Ce sauna infrarouge portable est le peloton des outils de récupération : voici pourquoi un physiothérapeute recommande d’investir dans un

ÔDepuis un luxe réservé aux plus beaux spas et salles de sport, vous avez peut-être remarqué que les saunas infrarouges font leur apparition dans des endroits de plus en plus accessibles, comme les salles de sport et même dans les maisons.

Pourquoi ont-ils gagné en popularité, en particulier dans l’espace fitness, vous demandez-vous peut-être ? C’est simple : les bienfaits bien-être des saunas, notamment infrarouges, les laissent inégalés dans l’espace de récupération.

Mais d’abord, quelle est la différence entre un sauna infrarouge et un sauna ordinaire ? Selon le physiothérapeute Luke Greenwell, DPT, CSMT, CSCS, tout dépend de la façon dont ils émettent de la chaleur. « Un sauna infrarouge est un type de sauna en boîte personnel ou pour plusieurs personnes qui utilise des radiateurs infrarouges pour émettre une chaleur rayonnante », explique le Dr Greenwell. « Ce type de chaleur est directement absorbé par la peau, contrairement aux saunas conventionnels qui réchauffent la chaleur autour de vous. Les rayons infrarouges sont capables de pénétrer dans la peau et de générer de la chaleur de l’intérieur, induisant une transpiration à une température beaucoup plus basse que les saunas conventionnels. « .

It’s this combination of radiant heat paired with the therapeutic properties of infrared light that makes infrared saunas worth the investment, Dr. Greenwell says. And if you want to get in on all the benefits of infrared saunas (more on those below) but you don’t have a ton of space, the Sunlighten Solo System portable sauna is the way to go.

« The Solo System is arguably the best portable unit on the market because it has the same, patented heaters that power Sunlighten’s cabin saunas, » says Natasha Navarro, infrared light specialist at Sunlighten. « You get the highest quantity and quality of infrared, but in a compact form. »

Curious about infrared sauna benefits, especially when it comes to recovery? Here’s how they can aid your health and why Dr. Greenwell and Navarro both recommend installing one.

1. Improves circulation

One thing’s for sure: No one likes to feel sore, even if it means your workout was productive. Having optimal circulation after you exercise can help oxygen and nutrients get to your muscles more efficiently, which can support the repairing and regenerating of muscles and tissues post-workout, Dr. Greenwell says.

« With the ability to increase circulation, use of a sauna following a workout will allow for enhanced blood flow to your tissues, enhancing healing following exercise, » Dr. Greenwell says. « These advantages allow for the potential to recover more quickly following exercise and potentially reduce the risk of injury and prolonged muscle fatigue and soreness. »

2. Relieves pain

If you’ve ever had an injury that has left you unable to work out quite as much as you previously were, you know the feeling of itching to move your body. For those suffering from musculoskeletal pain or chronic pain conditions, exercising at the frequency or intensity that you want can be a challenge. That’s because pain can limit your range of motion, decrease flexibility, and impede overall mobility, making it physically and mentally challenging to exercise, Dr. Greenwell says.

« Infrared saunas can provide a level of pain relief and discomfort reduction that will increase people’s tolerance to exercise by decreasing the discomfort they are in before and after they exercise, » Dr. Greenwell says. He recommends using a sauna after you workout for 20 to 45 minutes three times a week, and then another two to three times a week at the same length for recovery and relaxation purposes to really soak up the infrared sauna benefits. (Just make sure you’re listening to your body and checking in with your doctor so you don’t overdo it!)

3. Detoxifies

It’s no secret—today’s world is not a clean one. Because of the many applications of heavy metals in our society (they’re used in factories, on farms, and in technology, to name a few), we come into contact with them every day, despite the fact that some are classified as known or probable human carcinogens. The most effective way to release these toxic metals from our body? Through sweat.

« Infrared sauna has been proven most effective at excreting some heavy metals from the body through sweat, including some key culprits of aging and disease—cadmium, mercury, and lead, » Navarro says. « By effectively removing accumulated toxicants and heavy metals from the body, infrared sauna helps combat the aging process and promotes overall well-being and longevity. »

4. Relaxes

« We know that chronically high levels of stress can lead to a myriad of health issues that can include cardiovascular problems, weakened immune system, impaired mental clarity, and poor sleep, » Dr. Greenwell says. « Improving relaxation throughout your day can positively influence these categories and ultimately improve your health and risk for health related events. »

The heat from a sauna helps to relax your tense muscles after a long day, letting your body physically relax. Pro-tip? Try meditating while you’re in the sauna to help your brain relax, too. Talk about whole-body unwinding.

« There is no better gift you can give yourself than good health, » Navarro says. « To have a device like an infrared sauna to help you feel better is a no-brainer. When you prioritize your well-being, everything else falls into place. »

Interested in the infrared sauna benefits of Sunlighten’s Solo System or home saunas? Check out the pricing form for more information. Plus, Well+Good readers can save up to $1,149 on their sauna purchase through Nov. 25.

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